Colonial Savannah Walking Tours

Immerse yourself in Colonial Savannah and march in the footsteps of American Liberty.  Join a Patriot soldier and retrace the founding of Savannah, the relationships and cultures that faced great trials, and the courage, conviction, and adventures of the Founding Generation of Georgians.  Learn from the wisdom of the Founders and the cost of freedom.  Would you like to experience Georgia history in a fun, engaging, and unforgettable way with your learning group?  This experience covers the following Georgia Standards of Learning.  

Georgia Standards of Excellence in Learning Addressed:

  • SS4H1 - Explain the causes, events, and results of the American Revolution

  • SS4CG1 - Describe the meaning of natural rights as found in the Declaration of Independence

  • SS8H3 - Analyze the role of Georgia in the American Revolutionary Era

  • SSUSH2 - Describe the early English colonial society and investigate the development of its governance

  • SSUSH3 - Analyze the causes of the American Revolution

  • SSUSH4 - Analyze the ideological, military, social, and diplomatic aspects of the American Revolution

All guests receive a quiz (especially good for documentation for educators), learning resources, and template of a certificate of completion.

~From Participants~

"On a Liberty Encounters tour you will stroll through the historic squares and be immersed in Colonial Savannah's rich and fascinating history.
Beginning with a call on the drum, the tour guide, dressed as a Colonial Savannah militiaman, instantly captivated us with his talents and recount of historical events in Georgia before and during the Revolutionary War. He was polite, enthusiastic, and engaging from beginning to end, encouraging questions and pictures from his guests. My children were thrilled to be involved throughout the tour when the guide gave his guests the opportunity to use historic props and flags. They listened and answered questions and were especially excited when we re enacted a local historical battle from the Revolutionary War! We learned so much about the Georgia colony and enjoyed stopping at the statues and monuments and now understand their significance.
Savannah is beautiful, and since we went on the Liberty Encounters Colonial Savannah tour, we now feel like we have truly met this historic town. A 90 minute tour that easily draws you in and whisks you back in time. History comes alive! Thank you. My family enjoyed very much."

***Take advantage of our Introductory Rates.  Please note the family discount and student group rates for in person programs.***

90 Minute Colonial Savannah Walking Tour

We offer TWO pricing structures:

1. Ideal for homeschoolers, family church groups, etc. - Individuals - $21, Discounted Rate for Families of 3 - $50, Each Additional Family Member Ages 6 and Older - $7 each. 

2. Ideal for classes, scouting groups, etc. - Student Group Rates for 15 or more - $12 for students and $10 for adults. 

There is a minimum cost of $180 (either four families or 15 students).

Payment options include Check, Cash, or online Credit Card (which charges the 1.9% credit card fee, 7% sales tax, and 30 cents per transaction fee).  Tickets include an email with resources, ideas for encouraging your students to dress up, and a template for a certificate of completion to enhance this learning opportunity. 

***Invite your friends to enjoy lower rates!  Inquire for a discount offered for Veterans, Law Enforcement, and First Responders.  Such members of our communities will receive a promotion code and are requested to bring Identification.***


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