Colonial Savannah Walking Tours

Immerse yourself in Colonial Savannah and march in the footsteps of American Liberty.  Join a Patriot soldier and retrace the founding of Savannah, the relationships and cultures that faced great trials, and the courage, conviction, and adventures of the Founding Generation of Georgians.  Learn from the wisdom of the Founders and the cost of freedom.  Would you like to experience Georgia history in a fun, engaging, and unforgettable way with your learning group?  

Georgia Standards of Excellence in Learning Addressed:

  • SS4H1 - Explain the causes, events, and results of the American Revolution

  • SS4CG1 - Describe the meaning of natural rights as found in the Declaration of Independence

  • SS8H3 - Analyze the role of Georgia in the American Revolutionary Era

  • SSUSH2 - Describe the early English colonial society and investigate the development of its governance

  • SSUSH3 - Analyze the causes of the American Revolution

  • SSUSH4 - Analyze the ideological, military, social, and diplomatic aspects of the American Revolution

All guests receive a quiz (especially good for documentation for educators), learning resources, and template of a certificate of completion.

These engaging Walking Tours illuminate and inspire!  They are ideal for groups of families, Girl Scouts, homeschoolers, and students:








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