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About Us
Liberty Encounters is a locally owned and operated family education business, which is blessed beyond words with loving family and friends.  The chief operator is Aaron Bradford.  As a child, Bradford heard rumors of possibly being descended from Plymouth Governor William Bradford.  A journey to Plymouth confirmed that he is a 14th generation direct descendent.    Governor Bradford is widely regarded as America's first historian, who dedicated his book, Of Plimoth Plantation, to written with, "a singular regard unto the simple truth."  This made history personal.
Since the age of 13, Bradford shared a passion for and love of history with others in a multitude of settings.  While living in Delaware, Virginia, and Georgia, Bradford has marched, drummed, camped, and charged in films, reenactments, and education presentations from steamy St. Augustine, Florida, to brisk Fort Niagara, New York.  Reading voraciously and inviting others to connect with the past has been a great joy. 
After marrying a Georgia Peach, he has brought to the stories of Colonial Savannah to life for over 8 years at various historic sites within and round about Savannah.  It would a delight to explore the thrilling Colonial Era of Savannah with you!
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