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Participants ~


 "I think that this was the most fun, exciting, and coolest activity we have done all year, no lie!"


"It was a lot more fun than going to a museum."


"This was the best day of my life!"


"Can we do this again next week?"


"Thank you for the best school day that I've had in a long time."


"Something I will always remember is the "battle." I found that fun and interesting. I found it interesting because I found out something about war that I could never, ever find in books. Not in a million years… I thank you for giving me that gift. That's why I shall never forget the battle, or the whole day in fact."


 “Now, social studies is my favorite subject”


"I thought that it was amazing how much history you can bring back so much history in one day."


"I have been reading ahead in our… history book and I am enjoying reading about it a lot."

Teachers & Administrators ~


"The time and effort you put into planning was very evident and I'm thrilled to have you be ’a regular’ in our future… History units."


"Now that we are "into" our study of the Civil War--the children are making some amazing connections to your presentation.  Bravo!"

"Once again, I found the quality of your program very impressive. The students were captivated and inspired."


“There is a great deal of involvement going on and the students of any age would learn a great deal about their state.”


“Your enthusiasm for the subject is excellent, and when you project that enthusiasm and interest in the subject, you cannot help but to get kids excited about history and all it contains.”



Parents ~

"That was a fantastic walk!  Very well done.  Engaging and so positive!  I loved seeing children playing leading roles, it's compelling to hear them engage in the public square.  We continue to pray for our country and the preservation of our liberties!"


“It makes me wish such learning opportunities had existed when I was school age.”


“Aaron, our children had a fanTAStic time on the 7th.  They are raving about it and are already planning to attend next year, so I hope you have something in the works!”

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